I started my research 1981 and found note 1 and 2, down here, in the Hietaniemi books of birth. I was now sure that a family named Patron had been living in the neighbourhood.

I tried to search on the net and wrote some letters without any success. After 10 years I found an ad on an American genealogy site and I had hard to believe it was true.

 A woman, Vera Ziegler from Wyoming USA, was searching for info about her ancestors from Torne River Valley. Later I got to know that her greatgrandfather was Isak Wilhelm Patron, Petter Arvid's brother. My research had been in moth-proof bag  in 19 years so this was really a break-through. I had been topic of conversations many times when I met my siblings.

I examined if it was possible to do  a DNA-test, but it would be too expensive because many should be involved so I left that thought.

Vera Ziegler called her nearest relatives and they could tell her that Petter Arvid had descendants in Ishpeming. I had told Vera the background of my researc,  no verifications just hearsays. She understood very well but it was a great joy to hear that Peter's descendants also did understand and they  welcomed me as a cousine. For them I was a messenger from the place where their graitgrandfather and grandfather had lived and our lives had been parallell but in different continents.

I got pictures, addresses and a family tree via Vera but it took a while before I should contact them.

Down here you have info from Hietaniemi chuch book and Vera Zieglers ad on Internet. 

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  Churchbook part 1, Hietaniemi parish Churchbook part 2, Hietaniemi parish Fiktiv familyphoto Vera Ziegler searching for a Patron family My answer to her ad