Pictures from the district in Torne River Valley that Petter Arvid left, Koivukylä village, Hietaniemi parish, Torne River Valley, Sweden.

I came with a message (in pictures) from Vitsaniemi village, in the same parish.

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Petter Arvid Patron was born in Koivukylä village and Hilma Patron in Armasjärvi Place where Petter Arvid was born and my father's houshold My father's household, now my summer house Koivukylä, P1, Petter Arvids father's houshold P2 on the map to the left View from the Torne River Patron place, was located here Patron place
The Midnight sun Map of the holms in the river Haymaking My mother and father and I, 1952 i think Making a suova with my father Carrying hay to the suova place Haymaking, hard work for two of my sisters Matkakoski
The sandbanks in the river at Hietaniemi church Hietaniemi church Hietaniemi church Room for baking in old days Room for baking in old days, still intact Torne river at Kukkola Torne river at Ylitornio Kitchen in Petter Axel Jokiaho's house, still intact
Fishing at Kukkolaforsen Kukkolaforsen Ice breaking in the river
Axel and Anna Jokiaho, with some of their children, 1945-1946 Cloudberry Artic raspberry View from the hill Annivaara, Vitsaniemi village Pause in hunting Moose
Midnight sun, a view from the hill Annivara, Vitsaniemi village Summer view from the hill Annivaara Hunting mallards on the holms in the river Wintry view from the same hill The rose calle 'Torne River Valley rose' Sunset at my boathouse Axel and Anna Jokiaho and some of their children, I am to the left My parents Axel and Anna Jokiaho and I
One of them is me