Following the footsteps of Petter Arvid Patron from Hietaniemi parish, Koivukylä village in Torne River Valley Sweden-Finland to Beaver Creek Minnesota and then to Champion in Michigan, USA. He emigrated in June 1888, Was he my grandfather or not?, by Herbert Wirlöf. Latest revised 2009-01-29

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Petter Arvid Patron was born as the 3rd child to Johan Petter Patron and Helena Christina Patron. The other children were Karl Johan, Isak Wilhelm and Maria. In 1890, Karl Johan had married and moved to Korpilombolo/Jukkasjärvi. Isak Wilhelm had emigrated to Franklin 1881. It seems that Petter Arvid also emigrated to Minnesota.

Peter married Hilma Modig from Armasjärvi 1890, in Beaver Falls, probably he was in touch with his brother , Isak Wilhelm who moved to Champion 1895 and from there to Brocket North Dakota 1896.

Peter and Hilma moved to Champion 1891-1892. Peter worked in the mines. An injury prevented him from further working in the mine and he become an orderly at the mine hospital, The whole family supported this venture. His wife Hilma cooked the meels and the children helped to distribute the food to patients.

Peter worked many years with the famous Dr. Van Riper. Van Riper's son has written a book with the title "My father , Doctor Van", published 1982 by Marquette County Historical Society Library, Michigan 49855. The book gives a good historical view of champion 1890-1917. Van Riper was at first assistant to Dr. Beech.

Peter Patron and Hilma Patron (Modig) got 6 children:

Samfrid Bruno, Julia Dagmar, Helen Margaret, Lempi (Linda) Jean, Theodore Arvid and John Rudolf.


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