We knew that Hjalmar Mattson Linna had emigrated to Canada and moved to Russia but we had ever heard about him and his family till one day when we got a letter from cousine Richard's son.

Varpaisjärvi in Finland and Tsalna in Russia had etablished friendship after the Perestrojka period and they did send help to Chalna. The help was organized  and transported by Matti Oravainen and he had  made a video about Chalna and he had interviewed Elvi and Jaako Forsell. In that interview Elvi had told him that her father was born i Haparanda in Sweden.

When Oravainen came back home, he did some research and found easily that Elvi had a cousine living in Korpikylä, Sweden. His son Sture wrote to Elvi, We got copies from Elvi's and Jaako's answers to him so we could also establish a communication line to them.

Their answers are short life-stories

The letters: